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Office demonstration garden

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: Abidjan Office
Garden Size: 59' 0" x 36' 1"
Garden Type: Home garden
Garden Layout: Square Foot Garden
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Garden Soil Type: Other soil

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Plant List

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 PlantNumberPlants per Square Foot
Aubergine 00
Basil 00
Beans (French) 4509
Beetroot 1629
Cabbage (Chinese) 411
Calendula 4564
Carrot 153616
Chilli Pepper 00
Chives 9616
Chives (Garlic) 3609
Cress 57616
Endive 1284
Garlic 729
Lettuce (Loose Leaf) 2889
Okra 501
Pepper 00
Tomato (Regular)
Tomato (Regular) 00

Recommended Planting Times for this Location

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