Location Aware

All gardens are different - especially when it comes to the weather. That's why the Garden Planner adapts to tailor your experience with relevant options and advice for your area.

Vegetable Garden weather for your location

Best Planting Dates

Specify your location, choose which plants you want to grow and then view a personal planting calendar which uses data from your local weather station to provide recommended planting dates. Receive email updates with detailed advice and planting reminders to keep you on track.

Personalised Vegetable planting dates

Your Garden Has a History

Rotating crops to different locations in your garden each season helps keep plants healthy and productive but with so many different factors to consider, producing a multi-year crop rotation plan can be complicated. The Garden Planner keeps a complete history of your garden's plants and provides easy-to-follow warnings as you plan, making the process simple.

Vegetable garden plan history

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Still Have Questions?

If you still have outstanding questions about the Garden Planner's suitability for you and your garden, please contact our customer support staff here