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1. Seed Starting Guide (2017)

58' x 25' (17m x 7m)

2. Pergola Measurements (2017)

Pergola Design
32' x 22' (10m x 7m)
Garden Patio Pergola Measurements

3. Ahmed (2017)

Middletown, NJ
40' x 40' (12m x 12m)
Traditional garden designed by Oasis Backyard Farms with a platform in the middle for Yoga

4. Scott's United Methodist Church (2017)

Trappe MD
17' x 9' (5m x 3m)
Scott's United Methodist Church

5. Roof PP (2018)

16' x 38' (5m x 11m)
Roof solar panel layout

6. Plot 781a (2017)

Plot 781a
32' x 61' (9m x 18m)
122.5 x 16 ft allotment plot

7. Just starting (2017)

79' x 69' (24m x 21m)
JUst my first layout

8. New Garden (2017)

USA, New Jersey
7' x 3' (2m x 1m)
New gardener.

9. G.W Bulluck School Garden (2017)

G.W Bulluck School
37' x 25' (11m x 7m)
The G.W Bulluck school garden is well loved and wonderfully utilized space. This teaching garden allows for students K-5 to get their hands dirty while learning. A garden bed for every grade, and then some, provides more than just food for it's community; it provides a wonderful outside space for kids to experience hard work that pays forward. The garden consists of two 8x4 and two 10x2 wooded raised beds, two 8x2 cinderblock raised beds, and one 10x2 wooden tiered raised bed.

10. Backyard (2017)
20' x 20' (6m x 6m)
This is my garden

11. Ryan Takao (2017)

24' x 92' (7m x 28m)
Asiatic Jasmine w/River Rock

12. barham allotment new plot (2017)

45' x 26' (13m x 8m)
new allotment plot

13. Walters backyard (2017)

54' x 65' (16m x 20m)
Backyard planter beds

14. Garden Bed (2017)

7' x 4' (2m x 1m)
Raised garden bed

15. Garden 1 (2018)

37' x 49' (11m x 15m)
My 2018 Garden

16. Ginny & Greg's House (2017)

Saint Paul, MN
43' x 75' (13m x 23m)
This design uses some existing plants - the shrubs and trees are existing, as well as the main garden bed. (Draft 2)

17. Perennial Paradise? (2018)

59' x 59' (18m x 18m)

18. Vegetable garden (2017)

14' x 29' (4m x 9m)

19. Garden (2017)

Beavercreek Backyard Farm Kitchen Garden
29' x 77' (9m x 23m)
A Kitchen garden of raised beds adn berries created from the old pig pen.

20. Karen Shannon (2021)

29' x 9' (9m x 3m)
Karen Shannon

21. Pollard Plot (2017)

Pollard Plot
40' x 18' (12m x 5m)
Raised box

22. Memorial Gardens (2017)

Memorial Park, Oakville, ON
80' x 25' (24m x 7m)
Community Garden - shared space garden Soil is heavy but we have ammended

23. Our Garden (2017)

Our Home
43' x 20' (13m x 6m)
First attempt at the garden

24. Dirty Mike & The Boys (2018)

40' x 69' (12m x 21m)
for a project

25. garden adjusted (2017)

35' x 80' (10m x 24m)
just a beginning Grandma Garden in Southern Idaho