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There are three succesive planting beds in this home garden, along with a fruit bed and a spice bed acting as a beneficial habitat for surrounding plants. The succesive beds are planted to support growth year round from left to right in order of time of year from spring to winter. For example spring cabbage, then large tomatoes, finishing with broccoli. The beneficial habitat garden is planted with cilantro, rosemary, rye, and mint. Cilantro produces pollen attracting ladybugs to help control aphids. Rosemary confuses cabbage butterflies and deters beetles and flies. Mint is grown to repel harmful insects like earworms that may attack the corn crop, and also to attract beneficial insects. Rye is mixed in to act as a beneficial nitrate trap crop. In the fruit garden there are strawberries, blueberries, rasberries and a dwarf peach tree. Common pests to these fruit producing plants are fruit flys in the strawberries, mites in the peaches,bud mites in the blueberries, and the dreaded Japanese beetle in the rasberries. A few methods to deal with these pests are trap cropping and planting herbs like mint which deter mites and beetles. Lastly there is a scientific companion garden which has winter peas to allow symbiotic nitrogen fixation in the soil, beds rotatd each year to maintain soil health.I also added garlic as a nasturtium to control aphids. My source for information has been

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: Manhattan, Illinois
Garden Size: 50' 0" x 19' 11"
Garden Type: Home garden
Garden Layout: Raised Beds
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Garden Soil Type: Good soil

Plan Notes

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberSpacingSpacing in RowsNotes
Beans (Bush Snap) 779"5" x 1' 1" 
Beet 805"3" x 7" 
Blueberry 22' 11"2' 11" x 2' 11" 
Broccoli 121' 5"1' 5" x 1' 5" 
Cabbage (Spring) 41' 11"1' 11" x 1' 11" 
Cilantro 637"5" x 9" 
Corn 161' 1"11" x 1' 5" 
Eggplant 141' 3"1' 1" x 1' 5" 
Garlic 425"3" x 9" 
Kale 141' 3"1' 1" x 1' 5" 
Mint 287"5" x 9" 
Onions (Red) 1145"3" x 7" 
Peach (Dwarf) 113' 1"13' 1" x 13' 1" 
Peas 4923"3" x 7" 
Raspberry 32' 3"1' 11" x 2' 11" 
Rosemary 547"7" x 7" 
Rye (Annual) 913"3" x 3" 
Squash (Winter) 32' 11"2' 11" x 2' 11" 
Strawberry 61' 11"1' 11" x 1' 11" 
Tomato (Large) 101' 7"1' 5" x 1' 11" 

Planting Times

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