How to Make a Christmas Wreath From Your Garden

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Traditional home-made Christmas wreath

I don’t know about you but I get a giddy, child-like excitement when it comes to Christmas. Cozy nights by the fire, celebrations with friends and family and, of course, all that good food and drink! One way to get into the festive spirit is to make your own welcoming Christmas wreath. It’s a great project for kids big and small.

Making your own wreath is a very satisfying project and will create a highly attractive welcome to your home. You can use any evergreen foliage as your base, together with colored and berry-bearing stems, pine cones and seasonal fruits. Leave your wreath au naturel, or accessorized with a pretty bow, ribbon or other festive finishings.

Make a Traditional Holiday Wreath

Begin by assembling all of your materials. Raid your garden and use whatever you have to hand to make a truly bespoke wreath unique to your garden; think sprigs of blue spruce, conifer, holly, ivy, red dogwood stems, and berry-laden cotoneaster. To make the wreath you’ll also need a wire wreath frame, some florists' or paddle wire, and some pruners.

Prepare by cutting the materials to size. The bundles of greenery will need to be in proportion to the frame. Separate the prepared materials into piles so you’re ready to begin work.

Making a Christmas wreath

Making a Christmas Wreath Step-by-Step

  1. Cut your materials to size. The bundles of greenery will need to be in proportion to the frame. Separate the prepared materials into piles so you’re ready to begin work.
  2. Start by securing the end of the wire to the frame. Wrap it around the frame three or four times and pull it tight.
  3. Now create your first bundle. Select a piece of each material to create a pretty, visually balanced effect. Keep the largest pieces at the base and the berries towards the front.
  4. Secure the bundle to the frame. Place the bundle where the end of the wire is secured to the frame.
  5. Wrap the wire around the bundle three times, pulling it nice and tight so it’s fixed firmly into place.
  6. Now make another bundle, place it onto the frame, and wrap the wire around it three times once again. Continue adding bundles like this, working your way around the frame, overlapping each bundle with the next to hide the wire.
  7. To finish, make a smaller bundle. Tuck this under the first bundle then secure with the wire.
  8. Flip the wreath over, cut the wire, and tuck and secure it back into the frame.
Hanging a traditional Christmas wreath on a front door

And there you have it – a stunning wreath using garden-sourced greenery!

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"Great video demo Benedict and timely too. Just wondering, would it work if I used garden twine instead of wire? I'm making a natural wreath so trying not to use anything metal. Many thanks, Aisling"
Aisling Judge on Wednesday 2 December 2020
"Glad you found it useful Aisling. What you use to secure the foliage to the frame needs to be quite stiff, to hold everything in place. You could certainly try using garden twine, but I fear it may be harder to properly secure everything in place - I imagine it might give a looser result and consequently bits may drop off. But I may be wrong of course, so it's certainly worth a try if you're looking to avoid metal. "
Ben Vanheems on Wednesday 2 December 2020
"How to make a Christmas wreath from yur garden. Thanks for replying so quickly Ben! I decided to give it a go and hope they last the season before falling apart. Fingers crossed!"
Aisling Judge on Tuesday 8 December 2020
"Fingers crossed for you Aisling. I'm sure it will be a stunning wreath. Merry Christmas!"
Ben Vanheems on Thursday 10 December 2020

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